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    Halaman Berita


    [ 18/03/2009, 08:10 WIB ]
    SMP NEGERI 5, the Only One RSBI Junior High School


           SRAGEN- After succeeding in achieving the prestigious status as ‘National Standard School’ on 2004 up to 2007, SMPN (State Junior High School) 5 Sragen is claimed as Rintisan Sekolah Berstandar Internasional, or RSBI in short (International Standard of Pioneer School), based on the statement letter of General Directorate concerning SMP Management of Depdiknas (Ministry of National Education) No.543/C3/KEP/2007.

          According to PIC (Person in Charge) of RSBI Program, Ngadiyatno, after being titled as SSN School, SMPN 5 is continually supervised by Depdiknas. Finally, the SSN status was released in 2007 and, then, it is being replaced into RSBI.

           On the academic year of 2007/2008 this school aiming at being faith mankind and having noble characters, realizing a smart and qualified generation, thinking globally, and behaving in accordance with culture of Indonesia, has implemented the RSBI’ programs. “In the beginning, we only opened 2 classes for RSBI with 24 students’ capacity for each class. On the academic year of 2008/2009, we also provided 2 classes for RSBI’ students. Then, on the academic year of 2009/2010 we are going to open 6 classes for RSBI. Consequently, we won’t provide regular class anymore”, a 48-year-old man states.

           By opening RSBI class, it will automatically impact on the reduction of student quantity of this school which is located on Mawar street no. 4, Sragen. This condition occurs since SMPN 5 opens 5 classes only in which for regular class occupied by 40 pupils.

           Unlike to regular class, RSBI uses a different curriculum since it refers to international standard method. The course of each study is based on the basic competence which accommodates the make up of marking during the study period. Furthermore, this method has orientation on improving the study competency (SNP + X).

           “In SNP plus system, we add the enrichment, comprehension, and additional matters. Besides, RSBI have used 2 languages (bilingual system: English and Indonesia) to be applied on several lessons such as Mathematics, Biology, Physics, and TIK” says a man who lives on Cengklik Nusukan, Surakarta.

           “Therefore, RSBI possesses dozens of superiorities, for instance: the use of bilingual method, ICT oriented study with the ratio is 1:1 represents the comparison between computer and the quantity of student, and ICT facility (LCD, practice room with AC) for students’ comfort”, he explains,

           Those prestigious and sophisticated facilities has no impact on school fee because SMPN 5 applies the cross subsidy system in which the fee load of each student will be based on parents’ financial capability. Therefore, by implementing this method, the school fee can be afforded by all circles. “The expense to cover the full-facilitated and qualified school is not cheap. However, if there is any unable (destitute) parent, school management will give payment facilitation by certain requirements”, a 21 years dedication period teaching staff declares.

           After reaching achievement as RSBI School for 2 years, SMPN 5 Sragen still has another goal to become SBI. “Our next obsession is we can get a flying color from Depdiknas’ assessment for these 5 years. We are aiming at becoming a SBI school”, he wishes.(Humas - Dyn / mnr / and)



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