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    Halaman Berita


    [ 27/06/2009, 13:12 WIB ]

           SRAGEN – SMA Negeri 1 Gemolong successfully won Lomba Tangkas Terampil Koperasi (LTTK) / Smart and Skillful Cooperatives Competition in Sragen held on Thursday (25/6) in the hall of KPRI. The Gemolong representatives won with score 1000, passed the representatives from SMA N 1 Gondang with score 550.

           As the first winner, SMA N I Gemolong will get trophy from Sragen Regent and founding money from Jateng Bank as many as Rp.1.300.000,00. For the 2nd Winner, SMA N 1 Gondang will get  trophy from the head of  Perinkop and UMKM Office and founding money from BNI 46 as many as Rp. 1.000.000,-. While the 3rd winner of SMKN 1 Sragen achieve trophy from Dekopin and founding as money as many as Rp.800.000,- presented by Kospin Jasa

           The prize will be given to the winner on the top celebration of commemorating cooperatives day in Sragen Regional Secretariat Office on next July 6th 2009.

           The competition to commemorate Cooperatives Day 2009 will be followed by 14 high schools and vocational schools in Sragen. This event held in two days on June 24th and 25th. The elimination and semifinal stages held on June 24th. On the semifinal, there were 6 groups followed namely SMA N 1 Sragen, SMA N Gemolong, SMA N I Gondang, SMA N II Sragen, SMK N I Sragen and SMK N I Kedawung.

           While the participants for the final stage on Thursday are SMK N I Sragen, SMA N I Gemolong and SMA N I Gondang. This occasion is performed in preparing cooperatives cader whose wide insight and skill that later expected to arouse the awareness about cooperatives in the future.” This event is managed to search and choose the representatives of  Sragen Regency to follow LTTK Competition in residency level” said Catur Jatmiko, SE, MM, Cooperatives Division Head of Perinkop and UMKM Departments.

           ”We are very pleased and doesn’t predict to be the 1st winner in the regency level” said Vitri Indriani , one of participants from SMA N I gemolong. This lady hoped her friends can successfully bring Sragen to compete in Smart and Skillful Cooperatives Competition / LTTK in province level.(dyn translated by ry)



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