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    Halaman Berita


    [ 30/04/2010, 08:50 WIB ]

           SRAGENPabrik Gula /PG (Refined- Sugar factory) of Mojo, Sragen performed a production process. Before the first milling process was performed, a ritual in the milling process had been performed. The ritual aimed to give safety, fluency and success for staffs and machine in the milling process. One of the rituals was selamatan Giling (a ceremonial to extend gratitude in the milling process). It was held on Thursday (29/4).

           The Selamatan Giling’s performing had some main activities, such as Pemetikan (Harvesting )Temanten sugar cane which was picked from Tanggan Garden of the sugar cane until the Temanten  sugar cane ‘s milling. The Temanten sugar cane is not an ordinary sugar cane, but it is trusted bringing bless. A pair of the sugar canes were ornamented and brought by two youths which were dressed up as bride and bride groom. Then the bride and bride groom in the ritual was accompanied and escorted by many people and traditional art, namely reog approaching to the milling machine. Then the first milling process was symbolically performed by the chief of Dishutbun (Department of Forestry and Plantation) Sragen, Ir. Wakidi, MM who represented Sragen Regent, H. Untung Wiyono.

           Having performed the ceremony for the milling process, the Selamatan Giling’s reception was performed in PG Mojo office’s yard. It was attended by the chief of Dishutbun, Ir.Wakidi,MM, High Commissioner of PG Mojo, Ir. Hasan Sayuti,  Mangaing Director, S.Hartoyo, SE, Administration Officer of PG. Mojo, Dony Sadono, B.Sc, STP, MM and representative of PG Mojo partnership.

           ”This event was a top of series of activities in the Selamatan Giing 2010 aiming to give safety, fluency and to get result that exceeds the target” the Administration officer of PG Mojo, Dony Sadono, B.Sc, STP explained.

           For this year, PG Mojo has the target as many as 3, 6 million quintal sugar cane in the milling process. The sugar cane is milled during 155 days. The milling process is begun on May 18th , with the milling speed 23.500 quintal/day. The process is supposed to get the sugar crystal as many as 274. 935 quintal.

           In handling the milling season this year, the sugar factory which has been established since 1983 performing the machine’s reparation. The machine reparation aims to increase service for the farmers. Besides, to keep existence of the factory which the industry empowers 19.000 laborers every year.

           Related to the industry’s waste is caused by the factory when produces the sugar, Dony Sadono said that the officers in this factory always perform improving about this case. For instance, a solid waste such as dust is used as an organic fertilizer. The handling of liquid waste is performed by building an Installation For Processing Liquid Waste (IPAL), so the liquid waste banishment as Ministry of Environmental Health’s rules and regulation. Meanwhile, for air waste is performed by perfecting a Dust Collector from year to year.

           In his opening speech, Ir. Wakidi, MM said the farmers should keep the sugar cane’s quality which is distributed to PG Mojo. Thus, the refine sugar which is resulted having good quality too. If the sugar’s quality is good, the consumers absolutely like the sugar. And it leads to the sugar’s existence,  exactly the existence will be kept by its quality. (dyn, translated by dyh)



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