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    Halaman Berita


    [ 28/03/2011, 12:02 WIB ]

           SRAGEN – The couple candidate of Agus Fatchurrahman – Daryanto (ADA) officially declared as the chosen candidate of the regent and vice of regent for 2011 -2016 period by the general election commission (KPU) Sragen on Tuesday (22/3/2011)

            KPU decision was conveyed in an open plenary session at the KPU oofice Sragen. The recapitulation of the final vote count stated in the official report of KPU showed that ADA couple collect the most vote namely 265.648 or 50,66%.

            The couple Kusdinar Untung Yuni Sukowati –Darmawan (Yuda) followed with 231.844 voters or 44,22%. Next, the couple Wiyono-Dariyanto (Noto) placed the next position with 11.603 voters or 1,94% and the last the couple Sularno – Kushadrjono (Laku) with 5.100 voters or 0,97 %

            The process of recapitulation was attended directly by Agus Fatchurrahman and Daryanto. They were escorted by hundreds of supporters held a mass convoy of vehicles from Kuwungsari to Nglorog and continued to KPU Sragen. A number of police officers assisted by Sragen Brimob of Central Java Police sterilize the Election Commission Office of Sragen. The entrance to the Election Commission Office diblokade with police vehicles. The mass parade was prohibited to enter the KPU within radius 100 meters

            The witness attended not only from the couple ADA and YUDa. Eko Wijiyono was appointed as the witness for ADA. The leader of Dewan Pimpinan Cabang (DPC) of Democration Party of Indonesia (PDIP ) Sragen Laksana AR attended and witnessed of YUda. The triplet of the regent and vice regent didn’t send one of witness. The hammer sounded three times. The chief of KPU Agus Riwanto opened the plenary meeting. The ballot box contained the recapitulation of the voters result at PPK level was opened one by one. The member of KPU read the recapitulation of the PPK of each sub district.

           ”the absence of the triplet witness does not influence toward the result of KPU. In the regulation, the attendance of the witness is not obligatory. Thus, the KPU result about the ADA candidates become the chosen regent and vice of regent is still valid,” said the chief of KPU Agus Riwanto. (source –SP translated by ry)



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