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    Halaman Berita


    [ 21/07/2011, 12:31 WIB ]
    TKIT INSAN CENDEKIA organizes a story telling workshop


           SRAGEN  -In commemorating  National Child Day which is celebrated on July, 23rd 2011; TKIT Insan Cendekia organizing One Day Story Telling Workshop (24/7). It is going to be held in PMI building on second floor. It entitles “Melejitkan Potensi dan Karakter Anak Melalui Mendongeng” (Increase Children Potency and Character through Story Telling).

           Story Telling has become a culture in our country since many hundreds years ago, such as Malin Kundang, Roro Jonggrang, and Si Kancil. It has been proven by our ancestor has told fairy tale to the children and grandchildren. It aims to build a morale value in early on.  The fairy tales which are often told to the children influencing  their soul such as a heroic story relates to the child world which is imaginative.

           According to the headmaster of TKIT Insan Cendikia, Dwi Miyarsih, as the Organizer Chief in this event, stated this activity is very important to be attended by teachers in kindergarten until Senior High School level, education practitioners, parents, Islam teachers, students in university level, and public society.

           “Story telling can be a means to increase imagination and opening way for the children to comprehend everything. The children learn on the hero’s experience in the fairy tale. After that, the children choose the actor who can be paragon and leading to create morality in their mind until getting adult. Therefore, the teachers or parents who explain the story to the children must bring the story clearly and fluently. Finally, the children can understand the meaning of the story” Dwi Miyarsih explained.

           The informant in this event is Brother Suroso, the first winner at Story Telling contest in Central Java province level and  runner up in the national level in 2011. “ The workshop of Story Telling focuses on the practice directly than its theory. Having performed the activity, it is supposed to practice the story telling directly to the children. Nothing is impossible in this world, it depends on a will” Brother Suroso said.

           The registration of this workshop is going to be performed in TKIT Insan Cendikia , phone number on  0271 751 9896 (complex of As-Sakinah mosque  ) , precisely in Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 7 , Beloran, Sragen, in the working hours. You can contact  to the contact person, namely Septi on 0815 6773 1476 (Sragen), Rita on 0852 9319 629 (Gemolong), Aryani on 085 728 462 462 (Kalijambe), and  Tatik on 085 226 617 896 (Tanon).

           The participants are charged as much as % Rp 50.000 and getting AC room, snack, certificate, and ATK. (source:



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